Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Bonjour, Bonjour!

I just want to inform you that the lovely Eva (February) from The Treasure Chest - very inspiring blog by the way- has made a forum for fashion, art, music and beauty (mainly fashion though) that you can visit - and join!- to contribute with your thoughts and material !! We can talk about all matters in the fashion world (and out) ..it's going to be fun-fun-fun. Comment if you have any questions.

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Monday, 27 October 2008

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Jenny Lewis.

I must say, Rilo Kiley's frontwoman Jenny Lewis is quite a bit awesome.. she can make anything work, from vintage to couture. Glam rock at it's best! (by the way, on the prvious post Raquel Zimmerman obviously won, she looked gorgeous! and the dress fit her perfectly - it was probably tailored for her- but anyway *whispers conspirationally* she was my favourite too)

jenny_lewis.jpgJenny Lewis by lotje.
Jenny Lewis by trombontim.
Jenny and her bottle of...? by strphJenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley by motionsharp
Jenny Lewis by AnitonsRilo Kiley @ Jesse Auditorum -- 2007.09.12 by Todd | ishootshows.com
Rilo Kiley @ Jesse Auditorum -- 2007.09.12 by Todd | ishootshows.comJenny Lewis by cjfoeckler
Glow by theFATindian.

Rilo Kiley by subtle_sarcasm.jenny lewis by Maribel de la Torre.
Rilo Kiley (Jenny Lewis) by Timm Ziegenthaler.

Jenny at the mic by strphJenny Lewis by Kyle Dean Reinfordjenny lewis of rilo kiley @ terminal 5, 6/2/08 by Dese'Rae L. Stage

Rilo Kiley by satanpolaroidRilo Kiley at The Greek Theatre 06/18/08 by Clap Your Mirror Say Yeah

sources: flickr, catwalkqueen

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

"Good Try Though!"

The Chanel Mobile art exhibit had some pretty interesting eyecandy:

In order of appearance 1) Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Bosworth 2) SJP 3) Raquel Zimmerman
4) Agyness Deyn 5) Fabiola Beracasa

I don't want to comment because I want you to vote for your favourite.

Okay, only one thing because if I don't say it I might explode
"Agy" is so freakin' annoying!

(just my humble opinion)

source: fashionindie

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Oh, Peter!

why, oh why would you create a line for topshop not alike the stuff you normally create? This is a really personal opinion: I love love love Peter Jensen especially the s/s 09 collection (it was so cute) but I'm not really fond of the prom dresses he has made for topshop. Maybe it's because I haven't seen them actually on someone.. maybe it's just the photos and they look great live.. I don't know what it is, but I can't picture myself wearing any of these dresses.. The shoes however I would splurge on, if I didn't find them copletely and utterly overpriced!

PETER JENSEN Patent MoccasinPETER JENSEN Patent Moccasin

(210 £ each!)

Prom Dress by Peter JensenProm Dress by Peter JensenProm Dress by Peter Jensen

I like the upper part of the left one but not the bottom part, and not the material. The right one is the only one I might' ve worn, but even if I did like it, it's not worth 250£!

PETER JENSEN Lace Ankle BootPETER JENSEN Lace Ankle Boot

These are the only items I loved (in white) 210£
same shoes f/w 08 on runway:

His s/s 09 line (I like it though some outfits don't fit in with the rest):

btw the red haired one (she is soo beautiful!) was the winner of Australia's next top model! It's the first time I see her on the runway after the show..

the a/w 08-09 was even better ! here are some of my favourites!

Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0219.jpg Views: 3 Size: 62.7 KB ID: 357949Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0153.jpg Views: 6 Size: 58.1 KB ID: 357944

Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0180.jpg Views: 3 Size: 62.6 KB ID: 357946Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0138.jpg Views: 3 Size: 56.6 KB ID: 357943
Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0128.jpg Views: 6 Size: 59.5 KB ID: 357942Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0116.jpg Views: 86 Size: 52.0 KB ID: 357941
Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0053.jpg Views: 70 Size: 60.0 KB ID: 357934Click image for larger version  Name: JENS_AW08_0001.jpg Views: 5 Size: 52.5 KB ID: 357929

source the fashion spot