Monday, 14 January 2008

Seven best of Seven days..

I'm Cee-Cee and this is my celebrity (slash) fashion blog. This is going to be interesting..keep visiting.

Seven best of Seven days.

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First Place goes to Katie Holmes (obviously) with two glamorous dresses.. Tom Cruise should be intimidated..
Heigl I adore your dress but could you please lose that necklace?? An outfit like this one stands on it's own and doesn't need any accessories!!
Lucy Liu, woah! i love the colour, and the dress totally brings an Asian aura if you know what I mean although (I think it was a gold bag you were carrying) too many bold colours in one outfit can be a little over the top.. Love her though and I think we will be seeing more of her in 2008!
Halle Berry can shine if she wants too (i think shes wearing Temperley).. great choice for those great legs..!
Jessica Alba has had better days but I think this dress for a pregnant woman out and about is very practical and pretty.
Lastly, Hudgens ..(ugh that annoying brat) I hate to say that I love her dress. it is very feminine and elegant.
Oh! and the other girl in the emerald green backless dress who's name i do not recall gets an honourable mention.

If i could vote the dress i liked most it was Lucy Liu's but because Katie Holmes had two great outfits she wins.

who do you vote for?

6 votes for Lucy Liu.
2 votes for Vanessa.
vote for Heigl.
1 vote for Katie Holmes.


Bianca said...

So far I like ur blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I'm gonna add u to my links. Hope u do the same.

Flora said...

Lucy's outfit gets my pick. The colour is just absolutely brilliant, and the gloves are edgy.

Tinsley said...

cute idea and cute blog :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Katie Holmes is stepping up--and so is Lucy Liu. I vote Lucy as well, it's fresh and cutting edge and hopefully we'll see more great style from her.

atelier said...

I vote for the Izzy in Grey's Anatomy (sorry I don't know her real name). Her dress is really amazing on her, that grey shade it's brilliant on her. Thanks for visiting my blog;)!

AFitz said...

Lucy Liu's dress is so bright!

WendyB said...

That's Kate Walsh in the very nice backless dress. Personally, I loved Lucy Liu's outfit.

Wendy said...

I really like Lucy and Vanessa's gowns. Welcome to the blogging world!

Allecra&Sage said...

i vote for Katie Holmes .
do you think that maybe shes drssing a bit too old for her age?

second vote Lucy Liu but count only my first vote !:)\


Allecra&Sage said...

Although Katie Holmes is dressed perfectly and I absolutely adore her, i give my vote to Lucy Liu because I guess i have never seen anything like that from her before and because she made the biggest impression with that shochking pink dress!!

Cee-Cee said...

5 votes for Lucy Liu.
1 vote for Heigl.
1 vote for Katie Holmes.
1 vote for Vanessa.

nannies crochet said...


your profile pic looks like the campaign ad from Karen Walker eyewear.

saray said...

I have to vote for Vanessa..
i usually hate her style , but she really worked it this time..

Kira Fashion said...


Thanks so much for commenting in my blog!!! Your blog is so amazing, i am adding you to mine Favorites, please, if you can, do the same!

For the best dress, lucy liu is for sure the best with that Mcqueen :)

a kiss
have a great and nice day,


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say Katie Holmes. I don't like her much but her style is evolving quickly

thatshautttefashion said...

i say lucy liu.

i love your blog. im def.checking back

Eviniii said...

I like Katie Holmes ! she looks cute!