Thursday, 14 February 2008

Backstage Part 1.)

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry I have been away for the past week which is practically an eternity in the blog world..i would love to post everyday, but unfortunately i dont have much time :S hope you are all well, and I haven't forgotten all of your blogs!! To prove that, I dedicate this collage to you! and thank you all very much for your happy b-day comments, it was very sweet of you.. i still didn't get to return any of your comments, but I will do in the near future! the weekend is coming, and there will be more parts of backstage at fashion week!! see ya,

-Cee Cee

P.S Sorry, no time for Grammar, Spelling check etc.!!!!!Wish me luck(for my tests!)

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plus a fun game to pass your time (well, not really fun, but I promise the first one to answer will get a collage made by me!!)

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Imelda said...

Glad to have you back!
I love this collage!
The girl with the pink skirt and orange shirt looks great, Good combination of colors.
I also adore the bleu jacket in the last picture!

Allecra&Sage said...

oh. my. god. so utterly inspiring!! just look at wintour...

tyra said...

very lovely the colourful pictures :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Now, how do I get backstage...?

anna. said...


Wendy said...

Good luck on the test and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Poppycock Thoughts Blogger said...

Fun collage! New post, check it out.

Kira Fashion said...

I really know what is not having too much time for everythig! i work hard to post everyday and i try to relax a little bit at the weekends...

great post, i love backstage pics :)

a kiss

thanks for passing, always!!!

hannah said...

lovely collage. all i know is two is rachel bilson and five is rachel wiesz. i know my rachels!


Lauren said...

I like that collage. Thanks for the comment, the pink rain jacket is from Urban Outfitters.

Secretista said...

Yay, london fashion week!

Lovely pictures darling!

Bojana said...

Wow, this is hard!!

1 is Anne Hathaway fo sho. She looked AMAZING in that outfit.

2 : I'm not sure, but the hair looks like Rachel Bilson's. I'm probably wrong? But it's a great outfit .

6 looks a lot like Mischa's legs and bad blonde hair.

ivan said...

great blogg!!

Anonymous said...

The new blog:

SICK. said...

love the collage !

ehm, okay, i'll guess;
1 anne hathaway.
2 rachel bilson.
3 keira knightley.
4 kate hudson.
5 rachel weisz.
6 mischa barton.

jessica haleigh

Aretha said...

Hello Cee Cee, good luck with all your tests!
I only recognize Rachel Weisz dress, it was beatiful

iñaki said...

I'm so glad you're back!
Let's see...
1-Anne Hathaway
2-Rachel Bilson
3-Keira Knightley
4-Kate Hudson (the dress looked so good with the balck jacket!)
5-Rachel Weitsz
6-Mischa Barton



Thanks, darling! What a great blog you have here.


Gossip Clique said...

two things 1st thanks for your coment on my blog and 2nd luck on your test!

Cee-Cee said...

no problem-o and thank you very much :)

Daphné said...

Really nice collage,love the pictures.

Miss Woo said...

Good luck with the test! How I love looking at backstage photos..

Miss J. said...

Hey Cee, thanks for stopping by at the marbellastyle blog! I just discovered yours and I am Lovin it! Spread more love and fashion!
Miss J.

Sydney Speel said...

trade links?

love your blog

The Clothes Horse said...

Side-kicks can get a bad rep, but oftentimes they save the hero's pompous butt! Not that any of my friends are pompous! I probably wouldn't be friends with someone who's personality was that way...

SICK. said...

yay for collages !


AsianCajuns said...

Those fashion week photos are so much fun! No pressure about posting everyday - it can be really time consuming!

Kira Fashion said...

hello dear!

thanks again for commenting!
a kiss
have a nice time there :)

-S said...

I love backstage photos!

Deer Audrey said...

thanks so much, i'm so new to the blog thing so that made my day:]
I'd love to trade links, your blog is awesome, especially the collages!

Héloïse J. said...

oh i luv backstage too!! the best part by far :D isn't gorgz today that is snowing?

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

I was asking who had the killer sale. But Old Navy and a private boutique named Leaves On In had one!


Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

that blue coat at the bottom is so me

discothequechic said...

1 is Anne Hathaway
2 I'm guessing Rachel Bilson
3 Keira Knightley
4 Kate Hudson
5 Rachel Weisz
6 An old Lindsay Lohan snap?

ohh, but it could be Barton...